Version 3.0.3


This update is another rather 'small' update since not a lot was added or updated but it's main purpose was to be a stability fix. After many hours of thought we managed to redesign our website login system again to speed it up significantly and make it a lot more stable as well. If you are in a lot of Discord servers you'll notice the speed upgrade a lot more than users who only have a small amount of guilds.

Join Messages

One new feature that has been requested for a while now is the ability to set custom welcome messages. We are glad to announce this is now added and you can go configure those on the dashboard. Simply select a channel to post them and add 1 or more messages to be sent.

What is updated/fixed?

  • Fix purge command not working

What is planned?

See our Trello board for all planned features:

Your feedback

We have noticed a decrease in active guilds on GyllieBot in the last couple of weeks. Therefor we're asking for your feedback to find the cause and fix this. If you have 2-3 minutes time please fill in this form to give your feedback. It will help us a lot to decide what our development team will focus on.

Version 3.0.2


In this update we haven't spent a lot of time focusing on new features as we have mainly focused on stability fixes for the issues we experienced from the last update. We are glad to say the main issues have been resolved and the bot is now running stable again with a low percentage of downtime.


You can now run automated giveaways through GyllieBot. To create a new giveaway simply run !giveaway in a channel on your server. Next the bot will ask you to answer a few questions like what prize, the amount of time users have to join, the channel where the bot should post the giveaway message & the amount of winners. So you don't need to run the setup for the giveaway in the same channel as where you want to run it and you can nicely set them up in private. Afterwards you can also look back at all giveaways (active & finished) through the dashboard.

What is updated/fixed?

  • Ability to turn off the chatter feature added in last update through the dashboard
  • Ability to turn off the music feature through the dashboard
  • Ability to turn off the offline messages for Twitch broadcasts
  • Fix an issue where music stopped playing due to YouTube's new way of blocking age restricted video's
  • Store data differently on the website to speed it up more.

What is planned?

See our Trello board for all planned features:

Version 3.0.1


Just under a month ago we released version 3 of GyllieBot and overall we are still happy with how things have gone. If you have any feedback feel free to share it with us.

We also want to say that we are aware of the frequent downtime since the last update. This bug is related to the reconnecting feature from the Discord API we use but we are currently working closely with the Developers of Discord4J to figure out the cause and hopefully resolve this issue for good.

Public Trello Board

We also would like to announce our public Trello board. Here you can see what updates are planned or are currently in development. To suggest new ideas yourself run the command !suggestion in a DM to the bot. The board can be found here:

Chat Feature

If you're ever bored or just want a friend to talk to you can now do this with GyllieBot. Simply use @GyllieBot#2052 in front of your messages and the bot will talk back to you using AI to form real conversations.

More Animal Commands

We noticed the animal commands currently on the bot are very popular and therefor we decided to add more. You can now also get pictures of ducks, koalas, pandas & red pandas using !duck, !koala, !panda or !redpanda. On top of that you can also get more random facts using !foxfact, !koalafact & !pandafact


Since the music feature is also a heavily used feature we now added the possibility to search song lyrics using !lyrics <artist> - <song>.

What is updated/fixed?

  • !botstats - Command has been sped up and should respond a lot faster now
  • Small code redesign which should speed up logins on the dashboard
  • Fix issue with users logging in on the dashboard with no custom profile image
  • Other stabililty fixes

What is planned?

See our Trello board for all planned features:

Version 3.0.0


Hey everyone,

Today marks a big step in the evolution of GyllieBot. GyllieBot has been around for almost 2,5 years now and in 1,5 months it will also mark it’s 2 year anniversary as a public Discord bot. So in those 2,5 years of time a lot has changed and is still changing. The bot was originally founded just for 1 simple Discord but ended up growing to the bot it is now. When the original logo was designed it was just something thrown together by someone however it had no theme to it. Once the bot was public I’ve always felt the logo & the website were both a bit dark and angry making it unappealing to users. Therefore I felt it was time to give the bot a fresh new look this being a Space Theme, also a new logo has been created to suit. We have not created any big features for the bot yet that revolves around the theme however, a game is currently being designed for the future.

One big feature that GyllieBot was missing was a dashboard to manage your settings, commands and all the other configurable features more easily than using all the different commands to do control it, which was sometimes a real pain to do. Now together with the new website I can also announce the dashboard finally exists and ready for public usage. The dashboard has been under some testing the past couple of weeks but note that it’s still possible some bugs may arise. If you do end up experiencing an issue you can always report it by joining our discord or creating a bug report through the bot. To start using the dashboard simply click on the login button, select the guild you want to manage if needed and start changing the settings. Any change done on the dashboard will instantly be effective on the bot.

Another big update that happened is the whole agent code for the bot has been redone from scratch. GyllieBot is a bot developed in Java based on the Discord4J library which recently released their new version switching to reactive coding. With this update GyllieBot was also updated to follow the principles of reactive coding as much as possible. This change was also pretty intensive and required a lot of heavy testing so again if you end up finding any bugs please report them.

We also cleaned up a lot of the commands that were available. Almost all commands related to configuring the bot for your guild have been removed except a few. This because all of this is now done through the dashboard instead. We have also been tracking command usage the past year to see what commands were actually being used and which ones were less or not used at all. With this data we have gone through our list of commands and cleaned up those we felt were no longer worth maintaining for the bot. If there were any commands you used feel free to let us know and we might bring it back. Here is a list of what has been removed:

  • All SpaceX commands
  • All WorldCup commands (it was over anyways)
  • All Heroes of the Storm commands
  • All HiveMC commands
  • All Hypixel commands
  • All OSU commands
  • All PUBG commands
  • All Minecraft commands
  • All Overwatch commands
  • Specific commands:
    • anime
    • currencyconv & currencyex
    • manga
    • lmgtfy
    • guildstats & channelstats
    • roleadd & roleremove
    • setrcolor, setrname & setrmention

So I would like to apologize for the long period of no updates but we’ve spend a lot of time creating this update. From now on updates should be released regularly again and 2 big updates (where one was announced above) will be coming sooner than you think as well.


GyllieBot has received a full new theme being ‘Space’, the dashboard is finally released (just login on the website to use) and a full recode of the agents happened and lots of unused commands got removed or replaced by website functionality.

Version 2.0.2


It has been a while and we want to first apologise for the lack of updates to the bot, all developers of GyllieBot were sidetracked and had little to no time meaning we couldn’t make an update that was worth it. However, we managed to free up time and we are here with a feature packed update introducing many new commands.

To start off we have added many SpaceX commands that allow you to check things such as upcoming launches, launch failures and info on any launch.

SpaceX Commands

  • !nextlaunch - Shows information about the next launch
  • !launchfails - Shows all the failed launches
  • !futurelaunches - Show all upcoming launches from SpaceX
  • !launchinfo [flightnum] - Shows information about the given flight
  • !spacexinfo - Shows information about SpaceX
  • !spacexhist - Shows history about SpaceX
  • !roadster - Shows information about Tesla Roadster

What is new?

  • !earth - Random picture of the earth
  • !dankmeme - Now shows offensive memes
  • !food - Has been a feature since the last update wasn't announced
  • !fshop - Get current items in the Fornite Shop
  • !insult - Gets a random insult
  • !setrcolor - Change the color of a role using Hex
  • !setrname - Change the name of a role
  • !setrmention - Set if a role can be mentioned
  • !space - Random picture of space

What is updated/fixed?

  • !meme - Changed to show non offensive memes from /r/memes
  • !play - Now has a cancel reaction if none of the results are what you wanted

What is planned?

  • A ranking/leveling system with currencies and more
  • Web-based panel to configure your guild settings (in development now!)